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    Everybody has 24 hours in a day, and your success is dependent upon what you do in those 24 hours. But it’s not just about quantity; anyone can be a busy fool. It’s also about quality. Essentially, your success depends on the quality of your output and on the quality of your execution. So, rather ...
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     We’re all fully aware of the generic activities of marketing which include things such as Facebook advertising, banner advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click, etc. But in this post, I’m focusing on marketing hacks; techniques that help your business grow faster at a lower cost. If that sounds like something you are interested ...

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     If you’re a subscriber to my YouTube channel (and if you’re not you can subscribe here) then you’ll know that on Fridays I release general book videos that feature some of my favorite books and recommend reads on various topics. (On Tuesdays I release a new book review.) However, there are lots of books ...
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     If you read a lot of books about personal development and entrepreneurship, you might start considering writing your own book. When you begin researching the various book publishing options, you’ll come across companies stating that “everyone has something to say,”  “everyone should write a book,” and “everyone has a book in them!” But do ...

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